The luxury travel agency Kurtz-Ahlers changes its name and changes its name to Hidden Doorways

The luxury travel agency ‘Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates’ announced Monday the name change of its brand, after which it will be known as ‘Hidden Doorways, A KAA Travel Collection’.

The company explained that this name change after 16 years tries to “convey its devotion to the discovery, enrichment and representation of the most unusual destinations and experiences.”

‘Kurtz-Ahlers & Associates’, based in Southern California, represents hotels, luxury resorts and exclusive destinations throughout the world and offers a marketing service tailored to individual needs, as well as commercial representation.

The company has several commercial offices open in different parts of the world, from the United States to London, Brazil and other locations, with which it has created a worldwide network of personalized services to real estate and receiving agencies in 34 countries.