The hotel sector in Germany increases its revenues by 2.7% until June

German hotel companies increased their profits in the first half of this year, the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis), based in Wiesbaden, reported today. The turnover in the hotel sector registered an interannual increase of 2.7%, which in real terms meant a slight increase of 0.5%.

On the other hand, this sector of the economy that benefited from consumer spending for some time, had to face a setback in June due to a 0.7% drop in sales in real terms.

Destatis consulted companies in the sector with a minimum turnover of 150,000 euros (about 166,000 dollars) a year to prepare the statistics.

The president of the German Association of Hotels and Restaurants (DEHOGA), Guido Zöllick, has said that consumers do not lose the desire to travel and leave despite the recent economic weakening of Germany.

However, he said that the sector faces increasing challenges: «Positive sales figures should not lead to deception,» he warned.

Zöllick stressed that guild companies have difficulty finding employees and that the rising operational and personnel costs have a negative impact on benefits.

The German food sector union (NGG), on the contrary, considers that the lack of labor is due to the urgent need to improve the conditions of vocational training and salary so that the number of people interested in the professions increases again of the sector.