The hotel chain of Benidorm Magic Costa Blanca opens to campsites

The hotel group Magic Costa Blanca has announced that it opens a new line of business through the ‘campings & resort’, which it plans to have open to the public in 2020. In this way, the chain based in Benidorm (Alicante) expands and diversifies its project to cover “all types of accommodation”.

Magic Costa Blanca has indicated that the campsites will be added to the hotels of Benidorm, La Cala de Finestrat and Gandia, as well as the two bungalows parks or resorts of last generation of Benidorm and l ‘Alfàs del Pi, and the apartment blocks for rent in Marina Baixa.

To this end, the new line will be directed by William Le Metayer, a renowned professional in the sector, who will be in charge of making specific investments and which foresees that in 2020 it will be “fully” operational. The chain will offer 1,800 new accommodation places, and will create “hundreds of jobs” that will add to the 1,500 jobs it already registers in high season.


According to Magic Costa Blanca, campsites are a form of tourist accommodation “highly valued” by European customers, especially from the north, and increasingly by the Spanish, who see in them, more than a holiday option, a “lifestyle” ”

The sector has been greatly strengthened in recent years, in which it has evolved significantly, moving from the traditional tent to the caravan, and from this to the motorhome, which places this holiday modality at its historic highs. autonomy that allows users.

It is a non-seasonal customer. Although in summer there are ups and downs taking advantage of holiday periods of families, it is also true that the custom of European citizens who spend long periods in Spain during the winter ensures optimal levels of occupation throughout the year. For example, 40% of the Dutch population is a camper, and the market has expanded significantly in Spain.

The idea of ​​Magic is to shape resorts, with water parks, fun options for children, teenagers and families, and constant entertainment. “In Magic we have realized that, in addition, most campers travel with their pets, and that is why one of the proposals that will give added value to our facilities will be to enable themed complexes for them, with space for games and even water parks for dogs, “said William Le Metayer. “They will not be kennels,” he said, “but authentic canine resorts.”


The new business unit of Magic Costa Blanca has already been activated, initially with the search and location of campsites already in operation that could be acquired, expanded and modernized. “We will transform them into leading products in the sector,” said Le Metayer.

At the same time, we are looking for locations for the construction of new facilities (with the aforementioned philosophy) throughout the Mediterranean arch, although initially the focus is on Benidorm and its area of ​​influence, Tarragona and Girona. Preferably you will opt for large-format campsites, close to the sea or with attractive differentiators that constitute a potential to be exploited.

It is about creating “something like a city, with all the services, such as sewage, sanitary, catering and leisure services, shops, offices and specific spaces for pets.

Javier García Cuenca, vice president of the hotel chain, has pointed out that currently the most successful camping establishments are those that offer better services and facilities, particularly those of a resort type. Precisely, Magic Hotels Costa Blanca focuses its main efforts on its establishments offer excellent services with innovative and cutting-edge facilities. The group intends to acquire new campsites where they can apply their know-how and experience in resorts, expanding the current range of thematic establishments with a new camping line.