The French Pyrenees will invest 15 million in modernizing their facilities in the year of its 100th anniversary

This year the price increase in all seasons will be around 2%

The Confédération Pyrénéenne du Tourisme, an entity that brings together 38 ski resorts and 16 thermal centers in the French Pyrenees, has invested 15 million euros for this season in which it precisely celebrates its 100th anniversary and in which they plan to offer more than 500 activities in the snow.

During the last winter season, they added 5 million ski days, which is 9.4% more than the previous one when it reached the 4.57 million ski days sold. The data of the last season suppose for the majority of the stations of the Confederation “the best season of all the times”.

A 10% of these skiers in their ski resorts were European and of them 80% are Spanish. The objective of the Confederation is to increase the number of skiers directing their next promotions to markets such as Norwegian or Polish.

These data have been released on Tuesday in Madrid by the President of the Confederation, Jean-Henri Mir, during an event in which they have presented the news of ski resorts for next winter under the title ‘Los Uppercase Pyrenees’.

“The fact of speaking with one voice gives us great strength compared to other ski destinations.The planned investments will serve to consolidate the destination of snow and increase the reserves over last year,” said the president who showed interest in improve the facilities and “make destiny”.


According to the data offered by the Confederation, the tourist consumption figure generated by the activity of the snow domains last season was 827 million euros. For its part, the turnover of Nordic ski domains was 1.5 million euros (1.13 in the previous season).

The global turnover for the ski lifts last winter was 118 million euros, compared to 103 million the previous year, 14.5% more. For its part, the thermal centers billed a total of 13.8 million euros, compared to 13.21 the previous year, 4.4% more.

This season the Confederation celebrates its 100th anniversary. Created in 1918 by the main tourism actors of the French Pyrenees, it is the largest entity in the Pyrenees. It also has 3 emblematic peaks as well as four stations with a quality seal.

After the snowfall of the last days that have allowed to reach the 20-30 centimeters of snow, the forecasts are to begin the winter season soon, probably in the days before the December Bridge. This year the increase in prices in all stations will be around 2% in line with the increases in the French CPI.


This year’s investment is significantly lower than that recorded last season in which a total of 23.2 million euros were invested in modernizing the facilities of the different ski areas to make them more eco-sustainable.

Since the Confederation it is noted that investments have been made over different seasons so that some years the investments are greater than others without this diminishing value to the millionaire investments that are being made in recent years in all seasons of the group.

Thus, in Ax-3 Domaines, the second stretch of renovation in the sector is envisaged, which foresees the renovation of two chairlifts by three last-generation lifts. The investment this season will reach 4.16 million euros. On the other hand, the redevelopment of the Gourette area is also estimated at 30 million for the coming years.

Also underway is ‘Tourmalet 360’ an ambitious project to remodel and increase the ski area with a total budget that reaches 50 million euros in the coming years.

This summer has also been born the mixed company Haute-Garonne Mountain with an investment plan until 2021 that amounts between 20 and 23 million euros. The Pic du Midi has also completed the investment of 7 million euros for the creation of an interactive trip.

Among the event’s calendar for this year’s highlights are the Freestyle World Cup, 10- and 20-kilometer night races on foot, Slopestyle competition, international alpine skiing circuit, ski mountaineering, and even rugby tournaments in the snow . In addition, there will be sled races, music festivals and several gastronomic samples consolidating the destination throughout the year.