The FBI joins the criminal investigation into the certification of the Boeing 737 MAX

The FBI has joined the criminal investigation opened in the United States on the certification of 737 MAX 8 Boeing after accidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia, according to local newspaper The Seattle Times, citing a source familiar with the matter .

The investigation is being supervised by the criminal division of the Department of Justice of the United States and is added to that opened by the Inspector General of the Department of Transportation (DOT) about the certification made by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) of model 737 MAX 8.

In addition, the Pentagon’s Inspector General has announced that it will open an internal investigation after receiving a complaint against the interim US Defense Secretary, Patrick Shanahan, for allegedly trying to favor Boeing, according to Reuters.

Specifically, the investigation will seek to determine whether Shanahan, a former Boeing executive, violated the ethical rules by allegedly promoting Boeing while he was in office.

In the context of the crisis facing the American manufacturer, the US president, Donald Trump, he has nominated Stephen Dickson, former executive of Delta Air Lines, as the owner of the controversial Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to replace the interim Daniel Elwell

The US Department of Transportation has also commissioned a formal audit of the certification process for this aircraft model after it has questioned its MCAS stabilization system – Maneuver Characteristics Increase System – allegedly related to both accidents

Accident investigators Boeing 737 MAX in Ethiopia eight days ago, which left 157 dead, have found striking similarities to the plane of the same model crashed in October in Indonesia, as a result of which 189 people died.

Since Boeing have transferred their commitment to full cooperation in all open investigations. In addition, the company is about to finalize a software update of the 737 MAX, as well as the corresponding training for pilots of this model that will address the problems discovered after the investigation of the accident of Flight 610 of Lion Air.

A technical team of Boeing is providing assistance to investigators from the Office of Accident Investigation Ethiopia, which will determine the appropriate time to disclose details time after information Recorder cockpit voice (CVR) is decoded and of the Flight Data Recorder (FDR).

In addition, the company works closely with the US Federal Aviation Administration. (FAA), with the US Department of Transportation and with the National Transportation Safety Board of the country on issues related to both accidents since October of last year, when the Lion Air accident occurred.