The families of the deceased in the Moscow plane crash will receive a compensation of 123,500 euros

The families of the victims of the accident of a passenger plane of the Aeroflot company that caught fire during an emergency landing at a Moscow airport will receive compensation of nine million rubles, about 123,500 euros, as reported by the Minister of Transport Venezuelan, Yevgeny Dietrich.

More than half of that money, five million rubles of each compensation, will be provided by the airline responsible for the flight, Aeroflot, as detailed by the minister, in statements released by the state media.

The wrecked plane, a Superjet, caught fire when it made an emergency landing at the Sheremetievo airport in Moscow on Sunday.

The aircraft was heading towards the city of Murmansk, in northern Russia, when it was forced to return to Moscow because of a technical problem and one of its engines caught fire during the landing maneuver, according to an Aeroflot statement.