The fall of the pound and the Brexit drive the outdoor accommodation in Spain

● The need to look for more economical vacation formulas is reflected in the reserves of, Europe’s leading platform for searching and booking nature establishments, which registered a 28.4% increase in British tourist bookings during the first months of the year
● Spain grows 14.5% as the favorite destination among the British during 2019. Castilla y León leads the rise, followed by La Rioja, Cantabria and Galicia.

After a weekend in which Spain has been home to many fans of Tottenham and Liverpool for the UEFA Champions League final, we wanted to analyze what elements the British value to make decisions for their holidays outside the islands. It is the first foreign tourist issuing market in Spain and in recent months, travelers from the United Kingdom have firmly committed to outdoor accommodation, as reflected in the reservation data of, the leading search platform and reservation of outdoor accommodation.

The figures are striking: so far this year, there has been an increase of 28.4% in the reserves originating in the United Kingdom for overnight stays abroad compared to the same period of the previous year. In total, the platform has accounted for 115,248 hires in establishments by the British during these first 5 months of 2019, compared to 98,749 registered in 2018.

Spain benefits from this trend: so far this year, the reserves of British tourists through the portal in our country have increased by 14.5%. Castilla y León comfortably leads the evolution by communities, with an increase of 273% over the same period last year. They are followed in the ranking La Rioja (+ 36%), Cantabria (+ 32%) and Galicia (+ 32%)

The reasons that corroborate this upward trend are several. First and most obviously, the uncertainty that accompanies the Brexit and the subsequent drop in the pound: the British have been forced to seek cheaper options if they do not want to give up traveling despite losing purchasing power.

To this is added the instability of the tour operator of Thomas Cook, until now one of the main agents used by British to travel to Spain; but that is in turn an opportunity for the new options offered by the Spanish market. Dan Yates, founder and CEO of explains how «many of our outdoor accommodation facilities already have facilities comparable to those of hotels, with a more relaxed and resort-style environment.» To these growing comforts, it would be necessary to add the reef that outdoor accommodation means for tourists of the archipelago: «In 2017, the British made 13’8 million holiday trips to Spain, but made even more trips of campsites and caravans within Great Britain (15’2 million), which shows the British appetite for this type of holiday and the great opportunity to capitalize on the existing tourist flows towards Spain, which has an increasingly wide base of outdoor accommodation »

At a global level, the figures indicate that the outdoor accommodation sector is booming. The main international destinations have shown notable increases during the last 12 months: to Italy (+ 50%), Germany (+ 47%) and France (+ 29%), followed by Spain, with a growth of 27%, and the United States , with 10%.