The European Parliament approves the regulation that equals the salary of local and displaced workers

The plenary session of the European Parliament has approved on Tuesday the new community regulations that will equalize the remuneration obtained by the workers who are temporarily displaced by their company to another country of the community block to which the employees of the host Member State receive by the same activity.

The law has been approved with 456 votes in favor, 147 against and 49 abstentions and seek to improve the protection of displaced workers and ensure “conditions of fair competition” for companies, “the European Parliament said in a statement.

Under this new European legislation, all wage regulations in the host country should apply to posted workers. In addition, EU countries may apply broad and representative regional or sectoral collective agreements, something that currently only happens in the construction sector.

It also establishes that the expenses of travel, maintenance and accommodation will be borne by the employer and can not be deducted from the workers’ salary. The companies will also be obliged to ensure that the accommodation conditions of the displaced are “dignified” and in accordance with national legislation.

The maximum duration of the displacement is fixed at 12 months and may be extended for another six months. From that moment, the worker may continue to reside and work in the Member State in which he is assigned, but all his working conditions will be subject to the rules of the host country.

The provisions of this revised directive will apply to the field of transport once the sectoral legislation comes into force. Until then, the previous version of the regulations, approved in 1996, will continue to apply.

Member States will have a period of two years to transfer the new rules to their national legislation and will have to apply them before the end of that period.