The Europcar group invests in the ‘scooter sharing’ with the acquisition of Scooty

The vehicle rental group Europcar has acquired the company Poleis Consulting, owner of the scoot sharing firm Scooty, which, after being created in 2016, offers 176 shared electric scooters in Brussels and Antwerp.

As explained by the company in a statement, this operation was carried out through its subsidiary Ubeeqo and is “a further step” in the group’s goal of offering new mobility services that adapt to the needs and expectations of its customers. .

“We are delighted to welcome Scooty to our group, as it will allow us to offer electric scooter sharing services to our customers in Belgium, and we are confident that Ubeeqo customers will enjoy this new way of moving around the city. “, said the general director of the New Mobility Business Unit of the Europcar group, Sheila Struyck.

Europcar has ensured that the car sharing markets such as ‘car sharing’ and ‘scooter sharing’ are growing “at high speed”, which implies a “clear opportunity” for the group to develop “even more” its presence in these markets, since they suppose a “great alternative” to the property of cars or other vehicles.

In addition, according to a recent study conducted by Europcar Lab, 72% of regular users of shared vehicles would use the ‘scooter sharing’ if it were available.

“Today, cities foster a shared economy to reduce congestion and pollution, and sharing cars and electric scooters is a good solution,” added Struyck.