The Costa del Sol will grow 1.5% in summer and will exceed seven million tourists

Bendodo highlights the expected economic impact of 7,400 million euros, and the “definitive” recovery of the national market

The president of Tourism Costa del Sol, Elías Bendodo, has highlighted the good forecasts for this summer in the destination Malaga and the “definitive recovery” of the national market. Thus, has argued that the province will grow between June and September by 1.5 percent to exceed 7,150,000 travelers, 104,000 more than in the summer period of 2017.

But the “most notable”, in his opinion, more than the arrival of tourists is the increase in spending, which means generating more wealth in the province. In fact, the associated revenues expected this summer will increase by 4.1 percent, with an economic impact of 7,400 million euros, he added. Tourism Costa del Sol expects to create 3,400 jobs, 3.6 percent more than in the same period of the previous year.

Bendodo has highlighted the importance of more income increase than the number of tourists: “We want them to come but we prefer more quality to more quantity, to spend more”. “Mass tourism is not our strategy, we want them to come and return to the Costa del Sol, to extend their stay, to ask for quality and to spend more on each of their visits,” he said.

The president of the Provincial Council of Malaga has also emphasized the recovery of the national market, which according to estimates will increase between June and September by nine percent, mainly by travelers from the airports of Tenerife, Bilbao and Madrid.

To boost the recovery of this strategic market, Turismo Costa del Sol has increased its investment by 50 percent with more than 60 specific promotional actions in the Spanish territory.

But they are also good, said Bendodo, the tourism outlook for the summer due to the behavior of foreign markets such as Finnish (+ 39.3%), Polish (+ 18.8%), French (+ 14%), Danish ( + 13.9%) and Dutch (+ 4%), while the arrival of tourists from the German and Irish market remain stable. These two-digit growths make it possible to cushion the decline experienced by the Italian market (-12%), the Norwegian market (-8.1%) and the British market (-7.4%).


The president of Turismo Costa del Sol has described as positive the data of the first five months of the year 2018, taking into account that 2017 was the best tourist year of the Costa del Sol. “Malaga is still an attractive destination, because in a year the regulated offer has grown 20 percent in number of seats to reach 304,000, 50,671 more than in the previous period, “he said.

Growth is driven mainly by the regulated offer of tourist homes that already reaches 108,111 in the province of Málaga and 36 percent of the offer of seats, that is, “the Costa del Sol maintains the path of growth of the historic 2017 , in spite of the increase in the growth in the offer of places “.

Regarding hotel travelers, in the first five months of the year a total of 1,985,842 were counted, representing an increase of 1.6 percent and 31,054 travelers more than 2017.

Hotel overnight stays also reflected an increase of 1.2 percent, with 80,777 more than in 2017, reaching 6,821,769, while the average stay and occupancy remain stable with 3.4 days and 54.2 days. one hundred, respectively.

The hotel employment data are also positive, which have grown by 4.9 percent from January to May, reaching 11,639 people working in hotels. Bendodo stressed that after Barcelona, ​​Balearic Islands and Las Palmas, Malaga is the fourth destination that presents better results in absolute terms of hotel travelers until May.

It has also influenced the commitment of travelers from a higher socioeconomic level and in that the data of increase in the destination of Malaga “feed optimism, show the strength of our offer and the leadership of the Costa del Sol, despite the resurgence of others destinations like Turkey, Tunisia or Egypt “with cheaper prices.

“Let’s not deceive ourselves, the tourist crisis motivated by the insecurity in those destinations we took advantage of it but we have loyalized the travelers despite the fact that those destinations are already recovering by pulling the prices, but the one that comes to the Costa del Sol in 90 percent of the cases returns and that same percentage recommends the visit, “he added.

About the low season, from November 2017 to March 2018, there are historical data with increases in income, overnight stays, employment and travelers staying in tourist accommodation.