The Costa del Sol ends January with about 9% more travelers staying in tourist apartments

The Costa del Sol has closed the first month of the year with an increase of up to 8.7 percent in its travelers in regulated tourist apartments, with 37.4 percent being the positive difference of domestic travelers compared to the same month of 2018.

In addition, the tourist situation bulletin of Tourism Costa del Sol reflects an increase of hotel travelers of up 2.7 percent over the same period last year, caused by the increase of both domestic travelers (+ 1.2%) , as the international (+ 3.7%), as explained by the Diputación de Málaga in a press release.

The Costa del Sol added in January a total of 792,684 overnight stays in tourist accommodation, with a growth of 0.7 percent compared to last year, of which 231.905 were domestic tourists, with a growth of 4.3 percent, and 560,779 were made by international tourists, with a minimum decrease of 0.7 percent. Thus, the degree of occupation has increased by 0.66 points.

In this first coverage bulletin of 2019, it is shown that the markets that have performed best on the Costa del Sol have been Russian, with an increase of 45.2 percent in travelers, the United States with 27 percent, and The Netherlands with 22.2 percent.

It also highlights the positive evolution of hotel employment, increasing 8.3 percent in relation to last year, to account for 8,594 people hired in hotel establishments.

Costa del Sol tourism director, Arturo Bernal, has indicated that “the Costa del Sol has visibly improved its main tourism indicators compared to the same period last year”, and stressed that “tourism continues to create employment what is Good news for the province of Malaga. ”

Another interesting data generated by this study shows how the average income per available room has increased compared to the same period of 2018. Specifically, in the Province of Malaga 3.7% more has been given, while in the Costa del Sol up to 5.3 percent more.