The Costa del Sol consolidates its reputation as a quality destination among digital communities

The Costa del Sol has consolidated its reputation among digital communities, according to a report by Turismo Costa del Sol, which in 2017 initiated a strategy to monitor this variable through the semantic analysis of the contents generated by users in these digital communities , and that has been extended until 2018.

The director general of Tourism Costa del Sol, Arturo Bernal, has indicated that «with the integration of the tool ‘Reviewpro’, has been able to know the opinions of users about our destination in the digital field, and can even break this information down municipalized, sectorial, or favorable «.

In this sense, he stressed that «we work on knowing better and better the motivations and preferences of our clients, as well as their satisfaction index to attend them in the best possible way».

The monitoring work, according to Bernal, is «a good tool to continue advancing in the management of seasonality» and that «will undoubtedly help to further revitalize the Costa del Sol brand, because knowing what their concerns are we can create customized products , increase levels of satisfaction and therefore loyalty rates «.

With the development of this action has been achieved information on the reputation of the different sectors that are offered in the tourist destination of the Costa del Sol, as the evolution of data relating to mentions and opinions on different establishments and resources that make up These segments, giving a general reflection of what is the ‘online’ reputation of the sum of establishments and resources that are offered at the destination.

Playa de El Combo

These data have been divided into five sectors to facilitate the identification with greater precision of the strengths and weaknesses of the tourist offer of the Costa del Sol. This segmentation includes non-hotel accommodation, hotel accommodation, resources, holiday homes and restaurants.

The online reputation index of non-hotel accommodation has been 84 percent, increasing almost one percent over the previous year. Note the positive mentions during this period, which have grown by 0.2 percent over last year. The location and the views are some of the concepts best valued by visitors, with 94 and 95 percent of positive mentions respectively.

The hotel accommodation has also increased its ‘Global Review Index’ (online reputation index) by 0.8 percent, reaching 81.8 percent, and with an improvement of positive mentions of 0.2 percent compared with the previous period. Vincci Selección Aleysa stands out with an online reputation index of 97 percent.

Holiday homes have received 86 percent positive opinions, with the Rancho del Inglés in the lead with a 94.5 percent better reputation online.

On the other hand, resources such as the Puente Nuevo de Ronda (95.4%), the Natural Park of the (95.2%) and the Tajo de Ronda (95.2%) have been some of those that have received the highest valuation in This segment, which has received 88.3 percent of positive opinions.

As for restaurants, the Costa del Sol has improved its response management index by 0.7 percent over the previous year, and have received 81.8 percent of positive mentions, highlighting the concepts of food (87 %) and location (88%).

In this sense, the main attributes that exert a greater influence on the computation of the reputation ‘online’ are location and accessibility of the resources and the tourist offer of the destination; the views enjoyed by visitors on their vacations or stays in the province of Malaga; the beaches of the Málaga coast and the services attached to them or the cleanliness, both of the public spaces and of the tourist establishments.

Also noteworthy are the gastronomy and the offer of restoration of the destination, as well as the professionalism and kindness of the professionals of the tourist sector of the province.