The city of Madrid received more than 824,000 tourists last November, 7.3% more than in 2017

The city of Madrid has received more than 824,000 tourists last November, which represents an interannual increase of 7.3 percent, according to data from the Hotel Occupancy Survey released by the City of Madrid.

Specifically, the annual variation of domestic tourists stands at 5 percent, while that of foreign travelers has been 9.8 percent in November.

In the last twelve months the total number of travelers in the capital has risen to 9,690,948, which represents a growth of 3.5 percent, four tenths above the previous month.

Overnight stays increased 6.7 percent year-on-year, standing at 1,677,174 in November. Regarding the overnight stays of national tourism, they have experienced an increase of 5.1 percent, while those of foreign visitors grow by 8 percent.

In the last twelve months, travelers have spent the night in the city of Madrid 19,687,586 (the highest number in the series), 2.3 percent more than a year earlier.


The number of establishments has decreased by two compared to the same month last year, to 803. On the other hand, places have increased by 2,960, representing an inter-annual variation of 3.5 percent. The occupation per room increased by 3.4 points from a year ago, standing at 81.8 percent.

Employment in the group of hotel establishments increased by 1.2 percent year-on-year, to 11,765 workers.