The Christmas lighting becomes a claim that raises almost 30% hotel reservations, according to Rumbo

The tourism of lights has become a new fashion at Christmas, so the Christmas lighting of many Spanish cities such as Granada Vigo, Malaga or Madrid has become a claim for many travelers to visit cities for their lighting, according to the travel agency ‘online’ Rumbo, which ensures that many cities increase their hotel reservations by almost 30% on these dates.

Barcelona dresses up with more than a hundred kilometers of lights to fully experience these Christmas holidays in which reserves experienced an increase of 34.4% over the previous months. This year the novelty is Senyor Hiver, a puppet of four square meters.

The stately lighting of Madrid is also a classic. According to Rumbo, for this time there has been an increase of 26.4% in the number of reservations compared to the previous months of last year.

This season, seven million LED lamps will create a path of lights for the enjoyment of visitors and residents of the capital. The famous Gran Vía de Madrid has designed a starry sky with cats that tries to catch the stars, in an area with more space thanks to the extension of this mythical street.

The largest Christmas tree in Europe is in Granada, a city that has increased its reserves by 22.4% this Christmas. It is 55 meters high and thousands of colored lights that make it visible from afar. Located in the Nevada Shopping of Armilla has been equipped with a beacon at its peak to alert aircraft.


And one of the star destinations this Christmas is undoubtedly Vigo that this year hopes to pulverize all the records becoming a benchmark of Christmas illumination worldwide. The reservations to this destination in this period have increased 20% with respect to the previous months, according to data.

The Porta do Sol tree (31 meters high) or the huge ball of colors in Urbaiz Streetlight offer a visual spectacle, which this year has its own campaign: ‘Imagine it and live it’.

And finally, the city of Malaga, which has established itself as one of the most important Christmas destinations in Europe. The visual and lighting spectacle of Calle Larios, with a vault with 2,630 microled cords, two domes and 24 porticos with windows, stained glass windows and rosettes that pay homage to the Cathedral of Malaga, is already an icon of the festivities throughout Spain.

The interest that many tourists have for this city is demonstrated in the increase of 19.7% of its reserves with respect to last year and is that nobody wants to miss this year the lighting of its two huge Christmas trees, one of them even walkable inside.