The challenge of Hotel Honucai: reinventing yourself in Mallorca

Located in the Colonia de Sant Jordi in Mallorca, an old fishing port, the beaches of Es Dolç or Es Carbó take center stage.

And it is here, on the old Hotel Lemar where the new Honucai Hotel looks.

From its beginnings, it was planned to meet the requirements to become a recognized establishment with the four stars superior, like the rest of the hotels of the owners, the Gallery group.

And to achieve this, the project was entrusted to Diana Huete, interior architect and co-owner of Bondian Living. Formed in the best interior design studios in the world, its portfolio includes the homes of footballers, businessmen or even the Preysler family in cities such as Madrid, Mallorca or Barcelona.

In just six months, the new character that sought the reopening of the Hotel Honucai, whose name pays homage to the native turtle of the island of Hawaii, was created. The new concept of boutique hotel follows the common thread signed by Huete that mixes the tradition of the Mare Nostrum with the exoticism of distant and always dreamed islands.

To give it that personality that the hotel deserved, lamps were brought from Brazil, Morocco, Hungary or Poland, furniture from the exotic Bali, and also from the French avant-garde, British elegance or Danish innovation. That, without forgetting the local commissions necessary to give the necessary roots to the spaces through the craftsmanship of Mallorcan artists.

As an example, the trunks of the island itself that serve as a base for some washbasins arrived from Asia of petrified wood whose Italian hanging taps had to be placed in a peculiar way so that they did not splash, joining not only the necessary work of the craftsmen and materials raw materials, but also advanced assembly equipment.

Starting from the 78 rooms, nothing has been left to chance in spaces such as the entrance, reception, spa, business center or the incredible penthouse with pool have been only part of the common spaces that seek to excite their guests.

With marble, craquelure tiles placed in spikes for bathrooms, hammered stones for common areas or fabrics such as linen or cotton to give warmth to spaces, has sought to appeal to the emotions of those who enjoy every detail.

So careful has been everything that, appealing to the name itself, has been commissioned the handcrafted manufacture of key chains, in the form of a turtle shell, to a cooperative in the Dominican Republic and with those who have been involved in their social projects.

“The exceptionality of the enclave is what has inspired every detail of its decoration. The hotel deserved spaces that were daring but that at the same time offered an intimate atmosphere for the enjoyment of its guests. It has been a new challenge both at a creative level and at Project Management, “says Patrick Wünsche, the other half of the soul of Bondian Living.

After the summer, no doubt high season on the island, was when you could test the result of the effort: a success in occupation that has touched 100% during the most intense months and seems to follow that wake at the entrance of autumn.

“After more than 15 years of projects in residential houses, the Honucai Hotel has been a challenge. As on other occasions, both work and decoration have been a personal proposal and we can not be happier with what the owners, workers and guests have told us after their stays, “says Diana Huete.