The Carnival shipping company gains 2,760 million in 2018, almost 21% more

It foresees to increase by 5.5% its net income for cruises for 2019 with a 4.6% more offer

Carnival Corporation, a cruise line shipping company operating with ten brands such as Princess Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line or Aida Cruises, has achieved a net profit of 3.152 million dollars (2.761 million euros) in its fiscal year 2018, completed on November 30 , which is 20.9% more than the previous one.

During the last quarter, its profit was 494 million dollars (432.8 million euros), which represents a decrease of 9.5% with respect to the year of 2017.

In invoicing, it recorded an increase of 7.6% in the volume of revenues in its last year, to 18,881 million dollars (16,550 million euros), with an increase of 8% in sales on board. The largest contribution was passenger tickets with 13.950 million dollars (12.23 billion euros), 7.6% more.

The operating result amounted to 3,325 million dollars (2,912 million euros) during the full year, 18% more than in 2017.

On the other hand, the Carnival group, based in Miami, recorded expenses of 15,556 million dollars (13,633 million euros), which is 5.8% more than a year ago. Of the total costs in the year, the consignment of fuel amounted to 1,619 million dollars (1,418 million euros), an increase of 30%.

The president and CEO of the company, Arnold Donald, has positively valued these results in a record year in the net income for cruises for the history of the company, with a double-digit increase in profits, and despite the significant impact of the price of fuel and currency.

Net revenue per passenger grew 5.1% throughout the year, an increase of 3.8% in constant currency, with a net increase in average sales on board and other revenues of 5.9%. In contrast, the increase in the unit cost excluding fuel was 3.3% (+ 1.6% in constant currency).

Based on the current trends of anticipated reserves for 2019, the company expects its net cruise revenues to grow by 5.5% with an increase in capacity of 4.6% in the full year. However, the company foresees an impact on its profits due to the delay in the delivery of the vessel ‘AIDAnova’.

Based on the above, the company expects that in 2019 the adjusted earnings will be in the range of 4.50 dollars-4.80 dollars per share, compared to 4.26 dollars per share in 2018.