The Canary Islands airports open 63 new routes in the first weeks of the winter season

The airlines have launched a total of 63 routes in the eight airports of the Canary Islands during the first weeks of the winter season – from October 28 to March 30, 2019.

This has been reported by Aena in a press release in which she adds that during this period the archipelago will have 108 new routes, while in what takes place in season, the Gran Canaria Airport opened ten new routes.

The routes to Berlin-Schönefeld and Vienna (Austria), operated by EasyJet and Laudamotion, with one and two weekly frequencies respectively, were inaugurated at the Gran Canaria airport complex on October 30 and 31, respectively.

On November 1 and 2, Jet Time and TUIfly Netherlands launched the routes to Malmo (Denmark) and Groningen (Netherlands), also with one and two weekly links, while on Saturday 3 the SAS airline started the route to Gothenburg (Sweden) and Eurowings to Salzburg (Austria), both with one frequency per week. In addition, on Sunday, November 4, the new connection with Dusseldorf (Germany), operated by Sunexpress Deutschland, began.

On the 5th and 6th, the airline Jet Time started the routes with Boa Vista and the Island of Sal, in Cape Verde, and on Wednesday 7 TUIfly inaugurated the route with the German city of Paderborn, with two weekly operations.


For its part, eleven new routes began operating at Tenerife South Airport. On October 28, 30 and 31, the companies Jet Time, Ryanair, Eurowings and Laudamotion began their links to Norrköping (Sweden), Milan-Malpensa (Italy), Nuremberg and Berlin-Tegel (Germany) and Vienna, respectively.

On November 2, the new routes to Salzburg and Groningen, operated by Eurowings and Transavia Holland, were inaugurated, with a weekly frequency each. On Saturday 3, the Small Planet Group and Eurowings also premiered their connections to Leipzig (Germany) and Stuttgart (Germany), respectively. And on Sunday 4, Thomson Airways and Jet Time started the links with Goteborg and Malmo.


For its part, seven new routes were inaugurated in Fuerteventura, four of them to German destinations, one to the Netherlands, another to Italy and the last to Ireland.

Specifically, on October 29, 30 and 31, the company Eurowings started the routes with Salzburg and Nuremberg, with one and two weekly frequencies, and the EasyJet airline started the links to Berlin-Tegel, Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Belfast. (Ireland), with two weekly frequencies each.

On day 1, Sundair began operating its route with Berlin-Tegel and Laudamotion to Vienna, both with one frequency a week.


In addition, at Lanzarote Airport, where fourteen new connections have begun to operate, on October 28 the EasyJet and Eurowings companies inaugurated four new routes with Germany, specifically with Berlin-Schönefeld, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin-Tegel, with two weekly frequencies each.

Also, on Tuesday 30, EasyJet and Laudamotion opened two links with Venice (Italy) and Vienna, with two and one weekly frequency, respectively. On Friday, November 2, Thomson Airways started the connection with Goteborg, with a weekly operation and a day later, Enter Air, Transavia Holland, Eurowings, Travel Service and Sundair launched their flights with Katowice (Poland), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Stuttgart, Nantes and Berlin-Tegel, with a weekly link each one of them.

On November 6 and 7, Imperial Airways and EasyJet started routes to Amsterdam and Manchester, with one and two weekly operations, respectively.


At La Palma Airport seven new routes have been started, on Sunday 28, the airline Edelweiss began operating its direct route to Zurich (Switzerland) and on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31, EasyJet and Norwegian launched two new links to Basel (Switzerland ) and Stockholm / Arlanda (Sweden), with two and one weekly frequency, respectively.

Similarly, on November 1, Germania joined the island with Berlin-Tegel, on 3 Eurowings with Cologne and on Sunday 4, TUI Netherlands and Germania started their new direct links with Eindhoven (Netherlands) and Bremen (Germany) .

Finally, at Tenerife Norte Airport, Air Europa began operating its route to La Palma, the Plus Ultra airline to Caracas (Venezuela) and Binter Canarias to Mallorca, Vigo and Funchal. And in El Hierro the Canaryfly airline opened its new connection with Gran Canaria.