The British Parliament approves postponing the Brexit date to May 22 if the agreement receives ‘green light’

The House of Commons rejects the eight non-binding motions with alternatives to the agreement

The Parliament of the United Kingdom has approved on Wednesday an amendment to postpone the date of the Brexit to May 22 in case the agreement presented by the Prime Minister, Theresa May, receive ‘green light’ in the House of Commons.

According to information collected by the British television network BBC, the amendment has been approved with 441 votes in favor and 105 against. In case the agreement is not approved, the new date for the Brexit will be April 12.

On the other hand, the parliamentarians have rejected the eight non-binding motions on possible alternatives to the Brexit agreement negotiated by the British ‘premier’.

Among the rejected plans was one on a second referendum and a plan for the United Kingdom to remain in the Customs Union. Although they have been the ones that have achieved the most support, they have been defeated as well.

Likewise, the motions on a revocation of Article 50 to avoid a disorderly Brexit and an alternative plan presented by the Labor Party have been rejected.

Voting took place shortly after May met with the ‘Tories’ in the governing body of the Conservative Party in Parliament and offered them their resignation for the next phase of Brexit if they support the agreement negotiated by London and Brussels in a third vote.

Subsequently, the office of May has sent a statement to the conservative deputies that the race to succeed the prime minister will begin after May 22, when the United Kingdom will leave the EU, if the agreement is approved, according to the extension granted the week passed by European leaders, according to Reuters.

The House of Commons has already rejected two times – on January 15 and another on March 12 – the Brexit agreement, but Downing Street intends to force a third vote on Friday with the intention that it be final. The president of the lower house, John Bercow, has warned that it can not be the same text.

So far, a majority of conservatives have refused to give the green light to the Retreat Agreement by the ‘backstop’ or the emergency mechanism designed by the parties to avoid that with the break back the ‘hard border’ between Northern Ireland and Ireland .

However, some ‘Tories’ have begun to give in and weigh to approve the Brexit agreement considering that it is the least bad of all the possible options at the moment, which include a chaotic exit, cancel the divorce or hold a second referendum.

The UK was expected to leave the European Union on March 29, but the extension obtained by May of the Twenty-seven has postponed Brexit until April 12, if there is no agreement, or on May 22, if Parliament approves the agreement .