The British Government declares itself ready to fight the ‘drones’ after the chaos of Gatwick

The Secretary of State for Security of the United Kingdom, Ben Wallace, announced that the British Government is already trained and prepared to “detect”, in all its territory, and “combat the threat of drones”, which collapsed and caused flight suspensions last week at London’s Gatwick airport.

“Now that Gatwick is starting to get back to normal, it’s important to make it clear that the police, the airport workers and the security forces are totally focused on protecting people and investigating the drone incursions that occurred last week,” he said. English minister, on his Twitter account.

“The enormous proliferation of these devices, coupled with the challenges of deploying military response measures in a civilian environment, means that there are no easy solutions, however, I can now affirm that we can deploy detection systems throughout the country to combat this threat, “he added.

According to the BBC, the airport has spent five million pounds (5,568,000 euros) since Wednesday on new equipment and technology, to avoid a repeat of the chaos that for three days affected about 1,000 flights.

Wallace wanted to make it clear that the Sussex Police keeps open an investigation for what he defined as “serious criminal acts” and that the guilty will pay “the most severe sentence when they are caught.”

The London-Gatwick airport had to suspend its flights twice last week due to the presence of these unmanned aircraft in its airspace. The police released Sunday without charge a couple, Paul Gait and Elaine Kirk, arrested for their alleged involvement and who on Monday reported being “violated” in their privacy and rights.

“Our privacy and identity has been fully exposed, we are distressed, as are our family and friends, and we are receiving medical treatment,” Paul read, almost in tears, in an appearance before the media, at the door of his house. “We would like to ask respect and privacy to try to bring Christmas as well as possible,” he added.