The Boeing 737 MAX would be ready for the certification flight in a few weeks despite the software failure

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) expects the problematic Boeing 737 MAX to perform its certification flight in the coming weeks, despite the new software problem detected this week by engineers from the US manufacturer.

Stephen Dickson, head of the FAA, has assured that the 737 MAX could soon fly again despite a new software problem related to a light that warns about some system malfunction in the section.

«We are incorporating a change to the 737 MAX software before the fleet returns to service to ensure that this indicator light only illuminates as intended,» said Boeing.

However, Dickson has insisted that there would be no «significant delay» in the return of the plane to service, after being almost one year immobilized by the two accidents that killed 346 people.

According to ‘Financial Times’, the crisis will cost the company about 18.6 billion dollars (16.977 million euros), by grounding more than 700 aircraft worldwide, which has also caused millions of losses for airlines .

The company has said it expects the 737 MAX to return to service in the middle of this year following the approval of regulators, although deliveries could be extended up to two years.

Last week the aviation giant reported its worst result since 1997 with a net loss of 636 million dollars in 2019 (580 million euros), compared to the profits of 10,500 million dollars the previous year.