The black boxes of the Boeing 737 MAX show “clear similarities” between the losses in Ethiopia and Indonesia

The analysis of the data of the black boxes of the Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed last Sunday with 157 people on board in Ethiopia has confirmed “clear similarities” with the accident of a device of the same Lion Air model that occurred in Indonesia in October. , explained a spokesman of the Ethiopian Ministry of Transport.

Both aircraft were Boeing 737 MAX 8 and rushed to the ground minutes after takeoff, after reporting flight control problems. This situation has led the aeronautical authorities around the world to immobilize the model.

“The same thing happened with the Indonesian (Lion Air), so far there are clear similarities between the two accidents,” spokesman Muse Yiheyis told Reuters.

“The data was recovered successfully, both the US team and ours (Ethiopian) validated it, and the minister thanked the French Government for their cooperation, we will tell you something more in three or four days,” he said.

The newspaper ‘The Wall Street Journal’ has reported that a preliminary report on the accident is expected within 30 days, quoting the Ethiopian transport minister.