The best restaurants in the world arrive in Madrid on the World Chefs Tour

World Chefs Tour, the tour of the best chefs in the world, will make the Villa Magna hotel, from January to October 2020, a meeting point where you can enjoy for nine months the most exclusive gastronomic experiences created by nine of the best chefs in the world .

Chefs like Mauro Colagreco (The World’s Best Restaurant), Massimo Bottura (Best of the Best) or Julien Royer (The Best Restaurant in Asia) are some of the nine selected that will offer a unique and unrepeatable dining experience.

Each of the chefs will only cook for 80 privileged diners over a week. A unique opportunity in life to enjoy the best restaurants in the world by skipping its long waiting lists and without having to travel thousands of kilometers.

Diners will have different reservation options, from a seasonal table to enjoy the nine chefs from 7,000 euros per person, to tables for each of the chefs with prices ranging from 750 euros to 990 euros per person and experience depending on the chef.

World Chefs Tour will donate 10% of the total net benefits to the causes selected by the chefs themselves and to Action Against Hunger, a 40-year-old NGO promoting solidarity initiatives dedicated to fighting famine and child malnutrition around the planet. In addition, the Villa Magna hotel will donate one euro for each room occupied to the BK Foundation, which aims to donate funds to causes focused on education and the environment.

On October 8 at 10 am the reservation process will open for the whole season for a very limited time (