The best coasts to enjoy surf tourism in Asia

· The great Asian continent is known for its exoticism, its dazzling capitals and its gastronomy, but also offers unbeatable coasts for surfing

 · The airline Cathay Pacific connects, from Madrid and Barcelona, ​​with the best destinations to practice the sport of fashion

Nature in its purest form, the warm climate, the warm temperature of the water, the gastronomy, the friendly treatment of the people, the affordable prices and the different cultures from which to soak, are just some of the reasons why traveling to Asia to enjoy surfing. In addition, these beaches are now closer than ever thanks to companies such as Cathay Pacific, the premium airline in Hong Kong, which has a wide network of connections to destinations where you can get lost surfing this summer.

For lovers of this water sport, Indonesia is a first-class surfer destination. The country has a coastline of 54,716 kilometers, the second longest in the world; the best waves are found on the coasts of Bali, the island of the gods, where some of the most prominent spots are Uluwatu, Suluan, Padang Padang or Bingin. Discover Indonesia with Cathay Pacific from € 1,241.

Another recurring destination is the Philippines, a surfer paradise in which you can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere and spectacular breaks on the island of Siargao. The famous Cloud Nine, a fast wave that breaks over a coral reef, is its main attraction -although waves abound in other spots-. Also, you can enjoy unspoilt nature in different places of the island. Discover the Philippines with Cathay Pacific from € 776.

The Asian continent also has an ideal alternative for beginners: Vietnam. With 3,260 kilometers of beaches where tranquility reigns and good atmosphere, it is known as the surf school of Asia, which makes it the perfect option to learn to surf. The favorite destinations of the surfers in Vietnam are Nha Trang, China Beach, Mui Ne and Da Nang. Discover Vietnam with Cathay Pacific from € 721.

Apart from the Asian continent, the airline also flies to Australia, destination surfer par excellence. In the country there are the Northen Beaches, considered as the heart of the surf culture of Australia, one of the most popular places to surf, with more than 20 kilometers from Manly to Palm Beach, full of beaches with waves of different levels and a total of 40 spots. In addition, the bravest can go to Bells Beach Torquay, a spectacular beach with waves that reach 5 meters. Discover Australia with Cathay Pacific from € 1,113.

With this proposal, Cathay Pacific, in tune with its new philosophy Move Beyond, is committed to a beach tourism that invites you to discover true paradises through sports of reconnection with nature such as surfing, paddle surfing or diving.