The Barcelona Industry Week foresees 21,000 attendees in its second edition

It will have 550 companies in three salons on health, Internet of Things and 3D industry

The Barcelona Industry Week foresees around 21,000 attendees in its second edition, which will meet from October 16 to 18, the Healthio and Ind (3D) halls From Need To Solutions at the Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc site and the IoT Solutions World Congress at the one in Gran Via.

In a press conference on Tuesday, the director of the Fira de Barcelona’s Own Business, Salvador Tasqué, indicated that the event will bring together 550 exhibiting companies distributed in 33,000 square meters and the presentations of 600 experts.

The general director of Fira de Barcelona, ​​Constantí Serrallonga, explained that this week he wants to contribute to the industry adapting to the changes so that their companies are more competitive before a “moment of change and revolution”.

“Ambition is not lacking”, has highlighted and reaffirmed the clear commitment of the fair institution to bring innovation to economic agents and create professional events of reference in the international scene.

Serrallonga, who has refused to give a figure on the economic impact that these shows have but has pointed to that it will be high, has celebrated that Fira de Barcelona is the ninth fairground of Europe and has reasoned that this is due to the consensus model between agents public and private in which it is sustained: “It is a collective project”.

He also thanked the partnership with the Zona Franca Consortium, which participates in this event as a sponsor of different activities, among which is the exhibition of its incubator of advanced 3D printing manufacturing.

The delegate of the Zona Franca Consortium, Pere Navarro, has pointed out that the presence of international visitors during the event will make this incubator known to companies and professionals.

Also, Navarro has defined Barcelona as “world capital” in the reflection on the impact of the technological revolution and has argued that salons like these allow to teach what is happening to the different agents.


Tasqué has claimed that the Barcelona Industry Week will analyze the industrial transformation and different disruptive technologies through “three major events” and has highlighted that it will include for the first time the congress ‘Cyber ​​Ethical Days’, which will consist of a series of conferences that will address the cybersecurity and ethical hacking in companies.

“The Industry Week was born in Barcelona to remain as a reference event,” he underlined.

Specifically, the IoT Solutions World Congress, which reaches its fourth edition this 2018, will bring together 341 exhibitors and 316 speakers and provides an attendance of 14,000 participants, and will deal with the impact of the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and technology of the chain of blocks in the industry.

The third edition of In (3D) ustry will have a total of 90 exhibiting companies and the participation of 40 speakers and will not only focus on 3D printing as in previous years but will also open up to advanced and digital manufacturing, as Sharp Tasqué.

Finally, the Healthio room, which will have 300 speakers, wants to become a meeting place for patients, professionals and health companies, as well as questioning the role that citizens will have in the healthcare system of the future.

Serrallonga has bet on the potential of Healhtio to become a great event thanks to the local presence of hospitals, universities and research centers in the health sector: “It is an advantage that Barcelona has and it has to be exploited”.