The average CO2 emissions of Ryanair in June was only 66 grams per passenger and kilometer

The airline will pay more than 630 million euros in environmental taxes throughout 2019, 17% more

Ryanair has announced its CO2 emissions statistics for the month of June, which show that the airline operated with an average of 66 grams of CO2 per passenger and kilometer throughout the month.


In addition, the airline has also published the details of the environmental taxes it will pay throughout 2019, with the intention of dismantling the myth that the aviation sector does not pay this type of taxes. In 2018 (FY19), more than 540 million euros were allocated to environmental taxes. By 2019 (FY20), Ryanair expects this figure to increase to 630 million euros, equivalent to 4.12 € per passenger or 11% of the airline’s average fare.



Kenny Jacobs, from Ryanair, commented: “Ryanair is the greenest and cleanest airline in Europe. We operate with the youngest fleet and the highest occupancy rates in the industry, reaching an average of CO2 per passenger and kilometer of 66g in June 2019, almost half compared to the emission levels of other major airlines in the European sector .


We have also published the details of our environmental taxes, to dismantle the myth that airlines do not pay them. In 2018, Ryanair allocated more than 540 million euros to these taxes, and this figure will increase to reach more than 630 million euros in 2019, an increase of 17%. This equates to € 4.12 per passenger, which is equal to 11% of the average Ryanair fare.


As part of our commitment to the environment, we are investing more than twenty billion dollars in a fleet of 210 new Boeing 737 ‘Gamechanger’ aircraft. This model will transport 4% more passengers, as well as reduce fuel consumption by 16% and acoustic emissions by 40%. “