The ‘app’ ByHours bets on virtual reality for its hotel reservations

The ‘app’ ByHours, which allows you to book stays for hours in hotels, will include virtual reality on your platform, as announced by the company in a statement.

The possibility of using video in 360º is open to all establishments that are registered in the platform, which are currently more than 3,000. As specified by ByHours, the reality and virtual view covers both the room and the complementary rooms (terrace, bathroom, pool, etc).

The founder of the company, Christian Rodriguez, has stressed that this new feature “can change the consumer’s reservation behavior”. According to details, this type of function responds to the fact that the current client “demands more personalization in all the services he contracts.

Recently, ByHourse also launched a ‘chatbot’ on Facebook so that customers could make reservations, modifications or cancellations directly from the social network, as well as resolve doubts with payments.