The airline Ryanair transfers its repair material to the countries of the European Union on the occasion of the Brexit

The main low cost airline in Europe, Ryanair, is taking precautions before the possibility of producing a Brexit without an agreement, before which it has decided to transfer part of its repair material from its warehouses in the United Kingdom to other locations in Europe.

The director of maintenance and engineering of the airline has ensured that the UK exit from the European Union without a regulated agreement can involve enormous difficulties when transporting the repair material for its aircraft from one end to another in Europe, to the possible establishment of customs.

“We are concerned that it may mean that we take more time to obtain the necessary material to fix faults of our aircraft in European airports, which until now came from our headquarters in Stansed, United Kingdom”, explained Karsten Muehlenfeld.

The founder of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, has always publicly shown his rejection of the ‘Brexit’, although he claims that his airline – which is Irish and therefore is registered by the European Union – will not suffer so much from the consequences of the divorce. London with Brussels like other British companies.