The air control centers of Barcelona and Madrid among the European infrastructures with more delays in November

The Canary and Balearic airports descend their daily traffic

The control centers of Barcelona and Madrid, as well as the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport are among the 20 European infrastructures that registered the most delays last November, a month in which the daily traffic falls in airports of Balearic and Canary Islands, according to Eurocontrol data.

The control center of Barcelona is placed in the sixth position in the list of facilities with more delays in the month of November. For its part, the Madrid Air Control Center occupied the eleventh position, while the airport in the same city occupied the fifteenth position of the twenty most prominent due to delays in Europe.

These delays were mainly due to the inclement weather and recorded capacity problems on the road, according to data made public by Eurocontrol.

ATFM delays en route decreased 36.3%, while those registered at airports decreased 39.1%. The average daily flights with a route delay of at least 15 minutes decreased 46.8% compared to November last year, according to Eurocontrol.


According to the European agency for the safety of air navigation, traffic in November this year has fallen slightly 1.9% compared to November 2018, below forecasts forecasts, registering a daily average of 26,796 flights.

This decrease in traffic in November is the result of the deteriorating global economic situation, commercial tensions, political unrest, as well as the aftermath of the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook, according to Eurocontrol. In addition, the two-day strike in Lufthansa (November 8-9) caused a 7% decrease in local traffic (-382 flights / day) in November.

Two states added more than 50 daily flights to the network, Turkey (+70 flights) and Poland (+58 flights) as the main contributors.

The airlines that added the most flights to the European network in November were Ryanair (+81 flights), Wizz Air Hungary (+77 flights), (+29 flights), Pegasus (+23 flights) and LOT (+12 flights ).

The increase in traffic was positive in most of the major European airports, highlighting the growth of 12.1% of Tel Aviv airport.

In the case of Spanish airports, Madrid-Barajas recorded a daily average traffic of 565 movements in November (+ 2.7%), while in Barcelona-El Prat a total of 416 movements were registered (+ 5%) .

The declines in our country have been led by Gran Canaria which with 178 air movements on average per day fell by -6.1%. Also noteworthy is the drop of -10.4% registered at the Palma de Mallorca airport and -3.7% at Malaga-Costa del Sol.