The 5 most exclusive caprices of Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific, the premium airline of Hong Kong, is committed to go one step further and offer its passengers the most unique and exclusive experiences during their travels. Thus, the airline offers unique sensations through the most particular whims:

Automatically generated description Betsy Beer. The first beer made to be tasted at 10,000 meters. Produced considering the changes that the sense of taste undergoes when traveling to that height, its secret lies in a 10% increase in carbonation to stimulate flavor receptors in the tongue. Thus, Cathay Pacific has achieved, literally, a “tall beer”.

The aroma of Cathay Pacific. The airline pays attention to every detail and, therefore, has an exclusive fragrance that comes from the combination of lavender, bamboo, green tea and jasmine. This pampering to the nose produces passengers, as soon as they get on the plane or enter the VIP lounges, a sensation of relaxation that will undoubtedly make your flight a most pleasant sensory experience.

The Sanctuary by Pure Yoga. It is the first space dedicated to yoga and meditation located in an airport – specifically at the Hong Kong International Airport. The perfect place to relax and rejuvenate body and mind and to take flight in total harmony with both

Automatically generated descriptionAn exclusive champagne bar at The Wing. The room has a luxurious bar that serves only different types of champagne – the perfect way to welcome guests to a first class experience.

The cabins of Cathay Pacific. Independent rooms, located in The Wing, with a temperature control system, a large bathtub, rain shower, a comfortable sofa-bed and a large work space with power sockets and connectivity.