Thailand extends closure of air borders until May 31 due to coronavirus

The Thai Civil Aviation Authority has announced on Monday the extension of the ban on flights to the country until May 31 as a measure to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The decision has been made due to a «worsening situation» in the context of the fight against Covid-19 in the country, which already has fifty deaths and 2,931 confirmed cases, according to information from the local newspaper ‘The Bangkok Post ‘.

However, the authorities have not explained why they consider that the situation has not improved at a time when many countries are embarking on the process of lifting some restrictions.

Likewise, the Government has reported this Monday that the emergency decree has been extended until the end of May, one more month.

However, military and state aircraft are exempt from this measure, as well as all aircraft that have to make emergency landings or technical stops.

This decision especially affects international flights and airlines that were planning to resume commercial travel to Thailand, such as the Philippines AirAsia, which had announced the reopening of the Manila-Bangkok airlift.