Test in Marbella an application to reserve hammocks and hire complementary services

A company tests on the beach of La Venus de Marbella (Malaga) an application with which to reserve hammocks and hire complementary services from mobile phones.

The representative of the company Hamacapp, Antonio Barrero, who has appeared at a press conference with the councilman of Beaches, Manuel Cardeña, has indicated that the application, which is downloaded for free and is available on Android, is “simple and simple” so that any user can use it.

The application consists of a menu with options such as ‘rent hammocks’, ‘talk about hammocks’, ‘experiences’ and others about the products and services that can be hired.

“You have to choose the city you are in and then the beach you want to go to.” You select the beach bar you go to and the days you go in. From there, you select the hammocks that you want on a plane and the products of welcome, like the sun cream “, explained Barrero, who has indicated that the goal is to extend the application on the Costa del Sol and Levante next summer.

The application offers the possibility to choose between the hammocks closest to the shore or the beach bar and request food, drinks, newspapers or magazines or “experiences”, such as massages or sports services.

“With the ‘Beach Experience’, in addition to booking hammocks, we offer services that make the stay in the sun lounger a new experience Users can go down to the beach without the stress of knowing if there are free hammocks and the comfort of having the hammock We take the wealth of the beaches of Spain to our users, “said Barrero.

The initiative, he added, also generates benefits for entrepreneurs, since it promotes the area where the hammocks are, sells sunbeds at source through travel agencies, hotels or tour operators and the complementary products and services come from local businesses.

The councilman of Beaches, Manuel Cardeña, has indicated that the initiative “supposes a qualitative jump for the beaches of the municipality, making them more accessible for the user, an initiative that reinforces the tourist offer of Marbella like destiny”.

“We are the only tourist destination in which you can enjoy the beaches 365 days a year and with this initiative we add one more measure in the work that is done and which is also recorded in the mobile application, which we have recently presented , for the communication of incidents in the beach equipment “, has ended.