A Taiwanese tourist pays 25 euros for an ice cream in Florence

The restaurant ensures that the ice cream was of “high quality”

A tourist from Taiwan paid 25 euros for an ice cream in the city of Florence, as reported by local media that say that the owners of the premises were excused at this exorbitant price in the “high quality” of the product. The restaurant has been fined 2,000 euros by the Carabineri, after the corresponding complaint, for the consequences of an abusive cost.

The penalty was because the owners had hidden the listing behind the counter and thereby deceived the consumer. This practice, explained police officer Elio Covino to the newspaper ‘La Repubblica’, “is very common and creates a bad impression around the world, since tourists are the main victims.”

The tourist went to the store and paid a total of 25 euros for a single-ball ice cream but later warned his Italian guide that he had paid that astronomical price for a simple ice cream, which was also the smallest of those that the establishment won.

The guide wanted to look at the prices, but the bar did not have them in view of the public. He appealed to the municipal police, who showed up at the store, discovering that the price sign was hidden behind the bar, although it is mandatory to have it clearly visible to the public.
The bar was sanctioned with a fine of 2,000 euros.


Florence is not the only Italian city famous for its economic abuses to tourists. Venice is also distinguished by the largest ‘sablazos’. In August of this same year, a customer showed on the Internet his payment invoice of 43 euros for two coffees and two small bottles of water. The consumption was made in the Caffe Lavena, a place located in the Plaza de San Marcos.

In January 2017, another restaurant in Venice charged tourists 1,143 euros for four steaks and a fish dish. The restaurant ‘Osteria de Luca’, two steps away from San Marco square, in the heart of Venice, received a fine of 14,000 euros.

But this is not the only ice cream that is paid in Italy ‘at the price of gold’. In 2013 a British family also denounced the payment of 54 pounds (64 euros) for four ice cream in an ice cream shop near the steps of Plaza España. The mayor of Rome then asked for apologies and offered them a free tour of the city.