Sygic introduces the web route planner

Sygic introduces the Web Route Planner, which allows users to plan their route on the Web and send it directly to the GPS Navigation Mobile app

Sygic, the world leader in GPS navigation, today announced the launch of the Web Route Planner as an important feature of its Sygic Maps online map. It allows users to conveniently plan and share their route on a computer and then send it to their Sygic GPS Navigation app for mobile use.

Sygic Maps, the first online travel-specific map, was launched in mid-May this year and has since been used by over 100,000 people for travel planning. With this newly introduced web route planner feature, Sygic adds a whole new dimension to this service. Motorists who appreciate this new feature can now easily plan their route on their computer at home and send it to their mobile device or share it with others.

“In practice this means that after planning a route with Sygic Maps, a person can send them to their email. When she’s ready to leave, just open her email on the mobile device and tap the button to start the navigation. The route will be opened directly in the user’s Sygic GPS Navigation app so he can start driving immediately without further planning, “said Lukas Nevosad, vice president of travel at Sygic.

The web route planner feature will also appreciate those who are about to start their holiday. In addition to route planning, users can also use Sygic Maps to complete the trip preparation for their journey. Unlike other online maps, Sygic Maps displays interesting places directly on the map, making it easy to create plans for tomorrow or simply to save places of interest for later. The website also offers useful travel guides, 360-degree video clips, hotel search or comprehensive tours and tickets to buy.

Sygic’s new web route planner is available for free at