Stockholm airport is the one with the most expensive parking in Europe

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport is the European airport with the most expensive parking of those analyzed by which has verified the cost of one hour of parking at the 28 busiest airports in Europe.

The Swedish airport has the most expensive parking of those analyzed with an hourly price of around 9.28 euros, followed by Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom with a price of 8.69 euros.

In third position is the parking lot at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in France at a cost of 8 euros. In the list of almost 30 airports, only one Spanish is included, that of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, which occupies the eighteenth position with an average price of 3.30 euros.

Henri Coanda airport in Romania has the cheapest rate for one hour of parking for only 1.26 euros. The other two airports with a charge of less than 2 euros for one hour of parking are Sofia airport (Bulgaria) with 1.53 euros and Vilnius airport (Lithuania) for 1.80 euros)

When comparing the highest and lowest price for one hour of parking, the rate established by Stockholm-Arlanda airport (Sweden-9.28 euros) is seven times higher compared to Henri Coanda airport (Romania – 1, 26 euros).