Staying in apartments can mean up to 48% savings compared to hotels, according to Welcomer Group

Depending on the city of destination, the rates for tourist and seasonal apartments can be almost half of the cost compared to hotels with similar characteristics, according to the Welcomer Group.
Nobody can deny the boom that the sector of the tourist apartments and the rent of average stay is living; It is no wonder, as more and more users check the advantages associated with accommodation in these properties to the detriment of hotels.

Although each option has its pros and cons, Welcomer Group highlights the greatest advantage of resorting to apartments, the economic: according to their estimates, this option can save almost half the price of a hotel room, more specifically up to 48% less.

The flexibility provided by an apartment is one of the great advantages of this modality, since it allows a greater number of guests than in the case of hotels, as well as greater privacy and a sense of being at home, thanks to the common areas which can be arranged to spend more time with the chosen company, without having to be separated in different rooms as would happen in hotels.

Like at home

In addition, in case you want to invite more people to spend a pleasant time as a meal, the floors are much simpler, without the uncomfortable looks of the hotel receptionists and without having to give explanations for wanting to enjoy more the stay.

Another benefit of this type of accommodation is its ease both for check-in and for departure, with more possibilities of schedules than hotels, whose terms are more restrictive.

Precisely the meals suppose another one of the points that interfere in the mentioned saving, since the kitchen with which counts in the apartments allows to make the own food and thus not to have to add expenses in the regime of meals of the hotel.

Those responsible for tourist apartments offer personalized attention to make the stay of the tenants more comfortable in this type of accommodation.

Welcomer Group is a firm known for its network of high quality apartments at the service of casual tenants who wish to enjoy their benefits, whether for days or months, always located in the best tourist areas of the country.