Spring Hotels incorporates motorized and interactive carts to help cleaning staff

Spring Hotels is incorporating motorized cars and with voice or touch interaction to help the hotel cleaning staff in their work, together with the Spanish company Trend Robotic, which has been in charge of manufacturing them, the hotel chain reported.

TR Carbot, is the first motorized car of this industry, which supports a load of up to 150 kilograms, and whose implementation aims to avoid the muscle load that generates to the chambermaids the fact of dragging the cleaning cart. To improve mobility, they incorporate multidirectional wheels, in addition to an engine that allows autonomy and load capacity.

In addition, the cars are equipped with an intelligent device that offers recommendations of good habits to workers and is connected to the rest of the hotel – reception, technical services and housekeeping – through a voice communication tool.

The Systems Director of Spring Hotels, José Brito, explained that TR Carbot is the result of «the passion for innovation and concern for the welfare of employees that combines elements of engineering, software and networks.» «The ultimate goal of any innovation is the customer experience», added Brito, who points out that «for this reason, innovation must be present in all the processes of the company».

For his part, the general director of Spring Hotels, Miguel Villarroya, has defended «address with the same intensity those projects that have a more direct impact on the client as those that help improve the satisfaction and working conditions of the entire cast »

The governor of the Arona Gran Hotel, Ana Brito, hailed that a «tool that improves the welfare» of the floor maids will be implanted in the floors in a few days.