Spanish airports approve accessibility

New Accessible Tourism Guide of

The airports of the European Union have assistance for people with reduced mobility. Services that are totally free and are regulated by a specific community regulation. In the present study we show what services are available and how to request them. has launched its new Accessible Tourism Guide where travelers with reduced mobility can find all the necessary information for their trip.

Assistance for people with reduced mobility (PMR) and access to the airport are services that all airports in the EU have to provide free of charge in compliance with the EU regulation approved by the European Parliament. These are the elements that every passenger who wishes to receive this assistance must take into account:

Assistance for people with reduced mobility: All those who need it can have a support person to facilitate transfers and their needs during the stay at the airport.

Normally airports have one or several meeting points arranged for this purpose.

Meeting points: Each airport has one or several meeting points where the assistant. To receive this assistance, it will be necessary to notify it in advance.

Notification need: In order that this assistance can be offered in the most optimal and efficient way possible, it is advisable to notify in advance.

«Spanish airports have free services for people with reduced mobility. In coordination with the airlines, they work so that these people have preferential access and without major inconveniences to all airport services, «says Guillaume Rostand, Chief Marketing Officer of

In order to bring tourism experiences to the whole world and reduce barriers, the tourism sector has begun to plan accessibility plans in order to offer an inclusive offer. In this way, many airlines, rural homes, hotels or car rental companies have begun to include assistance and accessibility for people with reduced mobility in their services.

«At we wanted to contribute in some way to making travel more accessible to people who have more difficulties. For this reason, we have created an accessible tourist guide in which it is possible to find all the information regarding the services that can be requested at airports, airlines and car rental agencies, «says Guillaume Rostand, Chief Marketing Officer of .

The banner shows the contact information and how to request assistance services in each case.