Spain, the dream destination of the English to live, not only to travel

That is the conclusion that is drawn from the study carried out by AnyVan, one of the most reputable transport companies in Europe and which operates, mainly, from the United Kingdom itself.

When asked where they would move out of the United Kingdom, up to 13% of the participants in that consultation chose Spain as a dream destination.

This 13% would be added to the more than 315,000 Britons currently living in what they call sunny Spain, since the vast majority seek coastal destinations to fully enjoy the slight changes in temperature that this type of southern destinations bring. In fact, it is the English of the coastal zone such as Southampton or Brighton who would best represent this choice.

So much so that, for years, Spain is the country in which most British live across the EU according to the data of the Spanish Directorate of Migration.

Oceania earns points with the new direct flights

Since the connections with the Oceania area have been shortened in the flights that have as departure point the airports of the British islands, New Zealand – the main option of the Londoners – and Australia have become second and third favorite destination in If you decide to change your country to seek, especially young people, opportunities to develop professionally.

These English-speaking countries, which would represent 12% of the study, are followed by 10% respectively by two other Anglophone countries: the United States and Canada, destinations that are mainly dreamed by young people up to 34 years of age due to the life opportunities that consider they could offer them.

According to the CEO of the company, Angus Elphinstone, «our survey shows what would be the destinations with which the British would dream to move, but still there is a 16% that would not move from the United Kingdom. The different options and landscapes of this country make you understand why your dream destination would remain this and you would not want to move anywhere «., founded in 2009, is clear about how to help and personalize the services offered to its customers, betting on a lower CO2 emission in their journeys and removals and listening to the specific needs of each case. That is what has enabled hundreds of users to move their belongings in their new life destinations.