Spain is the third European country with more rooms under construction

Spain is the third country in Europe with more rooms under construction, a total of 26,477 rooms, which represents 3.9% of the total existing supply in the country, according to a report by the STR consultancy.

At the end of January Europe had a total of 1,654 construction projects in its portfolio, totaling 210,075 rooms. This represents an annual increase of 29.4%.

Most of the rooms under construction in the region are in three segments. Independent hotels are the projects that grew the most from year to year (+ 88.7%) reaching 69,369 rooms.

In the high-end category the rooms under construction total 41,391 and in the mid-range there are another 35,508.

Four countries registered more than 8,000 rooms under construction. Germany leads the list with 52,587 rooms, which accounted for 7.7% of the country’s existing offer, followed by the United Kingdom (41,199 rooms, 6.1% of the existing offer).

Spain appears in third place on the list, with 26,477 rooms under construction and then Portugal with 8,785 hotel rooms (7% of the country’s hotel offer).