Spain is the fifth most followed country in social networks with 2 million followers, according to a study

Facebook wins the battle of tourism before Instagram and Twitter

United States, Dubai and the MoMa are the preferred places in social networks, placing Spain as the fifth most followed country in social networks with two million followers, according to the report ‘Digital Tourism: The great travel brands in social networks’ in which topics related to influence in the digital world are analyzed.

United States account in social networks with 6.97 million followers followed by Mexico with 6.03 million, United Kingdom 4.08 million, Germany 2.95 million. The fifth position is for Spain with 2.46 million followers. Close the list of the most followed countries Thailand (2.29 million), France (1.78 million), Italy (714,115), China (42,633), Turkey (7,450)

The report indicates that Facebook wins the tourism battle against Instagram and Twitter. All the categories analyzed in the report have a predominance by this social network in terms of the number of followers, with the exception of museums, where Twitter wins.

It is also affirmed that the human element is an indisputable factor of the success in the networks since the production of stories related to the brand forges a deeper relationship with the client and has a more positive experience. So Mexico, KLM, MSC Cruises, Radisson and the Van Gogh Museum are some of the examples that are described as success stories.

Due to human power, the ‘travel influencers’ are also of great importance for brands in the tourism sector. They create a unique, relevant and attractive content, invites the traveler to visit a city, sleep in a hotel, eat in a restaurant and even do an activity. Thus, Murad and Nataly Osmann, Russian couple with 4.3 million followers on Instagram, are very successful because they present their trips in a very personal way.