Spain: Europe’s third most popular destination for Easter

This year Holy Week comes accompanied by a particular uncertainty for air travelers. The recently announced * strikes (Air Nostrum pilots, Madrid airport security personnel or handling services workers) can put at risk a high percentage of journeys.

In spite of this convulsed panorama, the reality is that Holy Week is one of the periods of the year with the most traffic of travelers and, according to the experts of Flightright, the leading international portal in the defense of the rights of air passengers, Spain will be able to continue presuming to be at this time the third most popular destination in Europe to travel only behind the United Kingdom and Germany.

These are other interesting facts about Holy Week that you may be interested in knowing:

– Adolfo Suárez airport in Madrid is the Spanish airfield that receives the most flights during Easter, being the fifth city in Europe with the most traffic (this ranking is led by Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris).

– 40% of the flights that took off in 2018 from Spanish airports during Holy Week stayed in Spain. Favorite destinations within our borders tend to be, year after year: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Palma de Mallorca.

– Regarding international destinations, the favorites of Spanish passengers are: London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

– The Spanish airports with the most incidents during Holy Week in the last two years have been: Alicante, Malaga and Palma de Mallorca.

– Ryanair and Vueling have been the companies that have operated the most flights during Easter Week in recent years. Vueling has been the one that has generated the most incidents.


* In case of being affected by one of the strikes mentioned, as Flightright experts remind, passengers should know that they have the right to modify or cancel their tickets completely free of charge and that they have a number of fundamental rights.


The shared data is based on the data that Flightright has. These data are reliable (90%), but do not claim to be completely complete.

In order to ensure the comparability of the results, only air carriers with comparable traffic levels are considered in the classifications.

Our database counts flights, cancellations and delays of each airline. Lease contracts or «wet lease» can not be traced directly.