Singapore Airlines inaugurates a digital innovation center in Singapore

Singapore Airlines has unveiled its new digital innovation center, called ‘KrisLab’, located in Singapore, an action that is part of the group’s investment strategy with the aim of positioning Singapore Airlines as the leading digital airline.

The presentation of KrisLab is part of the airline’s Digital Innovation Plan, launched in 2018 to foster a culture of digital innovation in the aviation and tourism sector.

To this end, the company has launched several bilateral agreements with organizations such as the Science, Technology and Research Agency (A-STAR), the National University of Singapore (NUS) and other partners, together with the support of the Civil Aviation Authority. of Singapore (CAAS) and the Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB).

KriLab is configured as a collaborative space where group employees can develop ideas and cooperate with external partners, start-ups, incubators and accelerators, as well as allowing the company to incorporate digitalization and the use of technology in all aspects of your commercial activity.

The team of the Digital Innovation Center will carry out an evaluation of the technological and practical feasibility of the proposals, as well as their strategic interest and for the market. Once an idea has been approved, initial funding is provided along with the experience provided by the Digital Innovation Lab team to help develop it into a prototype, before moving on to the implementation stage.

One of the projects that are currently being studied, among many others, proposes the use of virtual reality technology so that the airline’s designers can enter a plane remotely and introduce changes in the cabin plans in a way fast

In addition, in line with the digital and innovative, Singapore Airlines has announced the initiative Learning and Innovation for All (LIFE for its acronym in English) to enhance the digital awareness of the staff as part of the transformation in this regard, coinciding with the opening of KrisLab. It is a three-day learning festival for employees, who can participate in workshops and attend presentations by experts in the sector.