Silversea will reform the ‘Silver Wind’ again in the summer of 2020 to be used for polar itineraries

Silversea Cruises has announced the second reform of the ‘Silver Wind’, a process by which the ship will be in dry dock during the summer of 2020, to become a polar navigation vessel giving it more versatility, reported the shipping company that has signed agreements for three new ultra luxury boats.

This second extensive redevelopment of the ‘Silver Wind’, which will begin in August 2020, is part of the Invictus Project, a long-term plan to improve Silversea’s luxurious fleet of ships. The ship, with capacity for 254 passengers, has already undergone an improvement process in December of this year.

In the new reform, the vessel will benefit from a reinforced hull for polar navigation, a new state-of-the-art equipment that will allow it to navigate through the most remote regions and a fleet of zodiacs and kayaks that will allow passengers to take excursions and explore the area from the water.

The renovation process will include the renovation of the cabins, as well as the spa, and additional improvements will be made to the La Dame and La Terrazza restaurants and the main bar; also the observation room, the Panorama room, the pool bar, the public baths and the theater, among other spaces.

The ‘Silver Wind’ will sail both in the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean. In the Caribbean, the ship will continue to visit ports such as San Juan, Barbados and San Bartolomé, while its small size will also allow it to discover smaller ports, such as Bequia, Anguilla and Les Saintes.

The ship will also visit the favorite destinations of the Mediterranean, such as Venice, Monte Carlo and Barcelona, ​​as well as more isolated destinations such as Syros, Mljet and Antibes.

The ‘Silver Wind’ will also travel to destinations including the Arctic and Antarctic. The ship will resume its voyages on November 10, 2020, starting its inaugural season in Antarctica.