Silversea presents its new DISCOVER blog to transport its readers to the authentic beauty of the world

Silversea Cruises, leader in the luxury cruise industry, proudly announces the launch of a new travel blog, DISCOVER, to inspire curious travelers to experience the most fascinating and impressive places on earth. With in-depth articles and amazing original micro documentaries, from the attractiveness of the Atacama desert to the peculiar dance of the blue-footed boobies, DISCOVER allows travelers to travel deeper, transporting readers to the authentic beauty of the world.

Among the new content is a selection of make-off videos from Steve McCurry’s recent trips with Silversea. The iconic photographer has visited magnificent destinations with the cruise line, including Svalbard, Japan, West Africa, Sicily, Papua New Guinea, the Galapagos Islands, Istanbul and the Virunga Mountains of East Africa, among others.


Stories of the world’s most captivating cultures are also offered; unusual landscapes and unprecedented geographical spectacles; Valuable wildlife and the majesty of Mother Nature; lifestyle issues; and useful tips for traveling, including photo tips from expert travel photographers. All content, including images and videos, are originally produced for Silversea.


DISCOVER reflects the characteristics that enrich Silversea’s trips to more than 1,000 destinations in the seven continents of the world. Taking advantage of the knowledge and experience of its expedition team, Silversea will provide authoritative information on ornithology, botany, marine biology, glaciology and other fascinating topics. The Expedition Experts of the cruise line will be some of the sources of the blog stories. Once inspired, readers will be able to discover the cruises that are related to the illustrated subjects to channel their awakening sense of wonder.


“DISCOVER will allow readers to escape the authentic beauty of the world, as they learn about fascinating travel-related topics,” says Barbara Muckermann, Silversea’s marketing director. “With original images and stories from renowned travel writers, the content of the blog will transport travel enthusiasts to unique moments and unique experiences, from the peculiar dance of the blue-footed boobies in Chile to the traditional ceremony of a geisha in Japan, among other topics, the articles convey Silversea’s philosophy of deeper travel. “