Silversea improves its All-Inclusive Polar Package to facilitate, as never before, Arctic and Antarctic exploration

Silversea is approaching horizons with its improved All-Inclusive Polar Package, now available on all expedition trips to the Arctic and Antarctica. The package, with a high value for the selection of benefits, provides a perfect travel experience for guests, offering deep trips to polar regions more easily.

The Silversea Enhanced All-Inclusive Polar Package includes the following:

• Hotel stay one night before the cruise.

• Flights in the country when the itinerary requires it.

• Polar expedition cruise with guided experiences on land and excursions in Zodiac.

• Polar parka.

• One-night post-cruise hotel stay.

• Transfers and luggage transfer between airport, hotel and ship.

Charming, historical and untamed, the Polar Regions attract travelers and offer the opportunity to witness endemic wildlife species, virgin landscapes and unknown cultures. Arctic clown puffins and iconic polar bears, as well as their wild coasts and remote villages, can only be matched by Antarctic glaciers, geothermal beaches and icy waters, which provide a unique paradise for killer whales , elephant seals, penguins, and much more. Silversea’s offer in both regions is exceptionally luxurious, and includes the characteristic comforts of the cruise company, an industry-leading expedition team and the most luxurious ships in expedition cruises.

Below are some examples of Silversea expedition trips where guests can enjoy the benefits of the All-Inclusive Polar Package.

 ARTIC – 2020

From Reykjavik to Longyearbyen, 11 days – 10-21 June 2020

The dazzling waterfalls, the spectacular cliffs that overflow with colonies of puffins, guillemots and seagulls, and the rarely visited volcanic island of Jan Mayen, a paradise for humpback and minke whales that feed on its waters, are some of the attractions in this Silver Cloud trip from Iceland to Svalbard, Norway.

Prices from € 8910 per guest, based on double occupancy and flight included

From Longyearbyen to Reykjavik, 11 days, 9-20 July 2020

The Silver Cloud travels from Svalbard to Iceland through the Arctic realms of snowy peaks, glaciers and virgin fjords with the opportunity to admire waterfalls, geothermal springs and wildlife such as polar bears, walruses, whales and a multitude of seabirds.

Prices from € 8910 per guest, based on double occupancy and flight included

From Kangerlussuaq to Nome, 24 days, August 21 – September 14, 2020

Following the path of the great explorers, the Silver Cloud will venture into the Canadian High Arctic to cross the iconic Northwest Passage. The itinerary overflows with a fascinating mix of majestic landscapes, isolated villages, possible wildlife sightings, from polar bears and musk oxen to seals and walruses, and wonders as rare as the Ilulissat fjord, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO , and the smoking hills of Cape Bathurst.

Prices from € 29,970 per guest, based on double occupancy and flight included.

Antarctica – 2019 and 2020

From Ushuaia to Ushuaia, 12 days, 5-17 December 2019

On this round trip from Ushuaia, the Silver Explorer offers the least visited and most mysterious continent on Earth on a trip full of spectacular icebergs, glaciers and the possibility of detecting seals sunbathing, penguins frolicking and humpback whales and minke .

Prices from € 15,700 per guest, based on double occupancy and flight included.

From Ushuaia to Ushuaia, 18 days, December 17 – January 4, 2020

Both Christmas and the New Year can be celebrated in the midst of the winter wonders of the Earth on the special Silver Explorer vacation trip to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and more.

Prices from € 24,100 per guest, based on double occupancy and flight included

From Ushuaia to Ushuaia, 15 days, December 20 – January 4, 2020

Celebrate Christmas and the New Year in the last winter paradise on the special holiday expedition of the Silver Cloud to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, Elephant Island and the South Shetland Islands that reveals landscapes and remarkable wildlife species.

Prices from € 16,700 per guest, based on double occupancy and flight included

From Ushuaia to Ushuaia, 12 days, February 21 – March 4, 2020

The Silver Explorer will sail to Antarctic Sound, the Antarctic Peninsula and the South Shetland Islands on a journey to discover the treasures of this white wonder, from ancient glaciers and towering mountains to impressive penguin colonies, seals and herds of whales.

Prices from € 12,700 per guest, based on double occupancy and flight included


Each Silversea expedition ship has expert experts who lead immersive shore excursions for guests. These passionate and knowledgeable professionals offer informative conferences, debates and summaries on board, as well as guided excursions in Zodiac and nature walks on land, all included in the rate.

On board the Silver Cloud and the Silver Explorer, guests enjoy suites with ocean views, gourmet cuisine, a butler’s personalized service and a generous selection of on-board all-inclusive services, including complimentary drinks, wines and spirits They are served throughout the ship. Courtesy bar in the suite and unlimited Wi-Fi (although satellite coverage in polar regions may be limited).

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