Silversea guests will enjoy unparalleled luxury as a result of the Invictus Project

The first initiative launched by Silversea Cruises in partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., the Invictus Project, has increased Silversea’s luxury offer to further enhance guests’ cruise experiences.

As part of the largest investment in the company’s history, Silversea is growing and improving its ultra-luxurious fleet of ships. In addition to Silver Moon and Silver Dawn, which were announced prior to the launch of the Invictus Project and are expected to join the fleet in 2020 and 2021 respectively, Silversea has ordered three new vessels as part of the Invictus Project: Silver Origin, which is ready to navigate the Galapagos Islands and two boats of the Evolution-class. In December 2018 extensive renovations were also carried out in the Silver Whisper, while a deeper renewal of the Silver Wind, planned for the summer of 2020, will improve its versatility to adapt it to navigation through the ice thanks to a reinforced hull and the incorporation of the use of zodiacs.

A series of improvements are being implemented to enrich the already exceptional culinary offer in the company. In addition to welcoming guests with champagne in their suites at the time of boarding, guests always have complimentary Ars Italica caviar available 24 hours a day. Available both in the suite and in all the restaurants on Silversea’s ships, complimentary caviar is offered to guests and as a side dish for meals, such as tartare and lobster. Conserving a centuries-old tradition, Ars Italica is a leading producer of caviar and uses sustainable techniques to cultivate the highest quality product and support the re-stocking of sturgeon in northern Italy. Caviar is among the highest quality ingredients that distinguish the selection of canapés aboard Silversea, along with foie, truffle, prawns and macarons.

The quality of the ingredients is as high as ever, but the preferences of the guests are served with greater amounts: in the Silversea fleet, each year around 180,000 bottles of champagne and 2,400kg of caviar are consumed, an increase of 340% from the last batch. Approximately 66,100kg of lobster are consumed each year, along with a greater abundance of other seafood delicacies, 66,100kg of sirloin steak, 33,100kg of tenderloin steak and 58,000kg of fresh berries including strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Guests especially enjoy the extraordinary variety of meats on offer, from the “Italian Piemontese” served at the Italian restaurant La Terrazza, to the “French Limousine” at the French restaurant La Dame and the “American Angus” at Atlantide.

With around 50 to 70 labels, the largest complementary wine list at sea has also been updated, as Silversea adds more variety to its industry-leading selection, including more regional options to immerse guests in the culture culinary of the regions that it sails. On Silversea ships, more than 670,000 bottles of wine are consumed each year, including the most reputable brands of iconic winemakers and lesser-known bottles of extraordinary quality, selected by Silversea’s Whine Ambassador. Each of the main wine grapes is represented, as part of a collection that includes wines from the “old world” and the “new world”, from champagne to dessert wines. Many premium wines are also offered on the courtesy list, at unusually competitive prices.

Another improvement made possible thanks to the Invictus Project and offered only on board the Expeditions of Silversea boats, is that guests will receive a DVD, courtesy of Silversea Cruises, which will show the highlights of their trip. Produced by a professional cameraman on board, the DVDs will display the immersive experiences offered by the cruise company, capturing unforgettable memories for Silversea guests.

In addition, the Silversea Cruises television programming has been improved, which means that your entertainment in the suite is among the best in the sea. As part of the improvement, guests will now be able to see the live football and basketball games most in demand, among other significant transmissions. In addition to approximately 100 blockbuster films, which include approximately 20 premieres each month, guests enjoy 90 hours of information about the destination and tailored documentary content, plus another 150 hours of television programs.