Silversea celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2019 as a pioneer leader in the ultra-luxury cruise sector

Silversea Cruises exceeds a milestone in 2019: 25 years as the most important luxury cruise line in the industry. Since it sailed for the first time in 1994, Silversea has offered the true beauty of the world to almost half a million people in approximately 4,100 trips. Silversea’s ships have completed an accumulated total of more than 47,800 cruise days, while the company’s passengers have traveled a total of more than 9.4 million days on Silversea cruises.


When launched in 1994, Silversea incorporated industry innovation with a truly pioneering concept, it was the world’s first all-inclusive luxury cruise line. The Silver Cloud, the first ship of the cruise line that included a balcony in almost all its suites. The Silver Cloud was baptized in Monaco on May 30, 1994, in the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco. Since then, Silversea guests have traveled to the world’s most outstanding destinations with unparalleled comfort, enjoying personalized service and an intimate atmosphere on board. Many aspects of the cruise line have evolved over the past 25 years, but these fundamental principles have been maintained and even today make a Silversea cruise unique.


When Silversea was founded by the Lefebvre family 25 years ago, the vision was to launch a cruise company that would have a truly global reach, in the sense that guests would discover the most remote and most emblematic regions of the world with exceptional comfort and ample spectrum of versatility of destinations. This vision has been realized successfully, since Silversea today offers immersive travel experiences for guests in more than 900 destinations, from pole to pole, more than any other cruise line.

The experience in destinations is what has differentiated Silversea for a long time, but it was the launch of Silversea Expeditions in 2008 that pushed the limits of the discovery beyond what the ultra-luxury industry had seen before: the most important trips include Antarctica in 2008; the west coast of Africa and the Russian Arctic in 2012; Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia in 2013; the Galapagos Islands, the Russian Far East, the Kimberley Coast and the first crossing of the Northwest Passage in 2014; and Bangladesh in 2017. In 2019, Silversea guests will tour the Northeast Passage for the first time, and will hold the first Expedition World Cruise in 2021. Silversea’s destination leadership in the most iconic regions such as the Mediterranean and the Caribbean continues being as strong as ever and is also based on deep travel experiences.


From a single ship in 1994, Silversea guests now enjoy a fleet of nine highly luxurious intimate ships, and another five ships are on the way. After the launch of the Silver Cloud in 1994, the Silver Wind doubled the capacity of the previous one in 1995. Silver Shadow and Silver Whisper were launched in 2000 and 2001, respectively. The Silver Explorer, the first ice-class ship of the cruise line, offered guests expedition experiences around the world since 2008. The Silver Spirit joined the fleet in 2009, followed by the Silver Galapagos in 2013 and the Silver Discoverer in 2014. The flagship of the cruise line, the Silver Muse, was launched in 2017 and inspired a «Muslification» throughout the fleet, the systematic renewal of the Silversea ships, which is still ongoing. In 2020, the Silver Origin, the most elegant ship that has ever sailed in Galapagos, and the Silver Moon will join the fleet, followed by the Silver Dawn in 2021 and the first of the two Evolution Class ships in 2022.


High quality food from around the world, complimentary drinks throughout the ship and butler for each suite are just some of the many luxurious amenities that Silversea guests have enjoyed since the launch of the cruise company in 1994. From the acquisition of Silversea by Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. in 2018, these luxury icons, and many others, have been further enhanced with the Invictus Project, a long-term plan to increase and improve the Silversea fleet: guests enjoy champagne complimentary in their suites upon arrival and throughout the cruise; complimentary caviar available 24 hours a day; an offer enriched with canapés, seafood and berries; and an improved wine list, which already includes the largest offered at sea.