Silken Hotels expects its sales to grow 12% in 2020

Silken Hotels plans to continue its growth during this year and its goal for 2020 is to grow in sales above 12% compared to the 2019 closing data, thanks in part to the expected increase of four or five establishments until the end of the year.

This year 2020 is presented full of new projects for the hotel company that celebrates its 25th anniversary and wants to celebrate it with a rebranding of its brand. The chain, which closed the year of 2019 with a turnover exceeding 93.3 million euros, 4.3% more than the previous year, expects to improve its figure this year.

The general director of Silken Hotels, Javier Villanueva, explained in an interview with Europa Press that the company has been growing in a sustainable and continuous way since 2013, to double digits in several of these last years.

That is why the forecasts are that in 2020 its sales will grow above 12% compared to the 2019 closing data, around 5% taking into account the same portfolio of establishments.

Thus, it is expected to follow the line of recent years in which there have been very positive figures and an increase in both the occupancy level and the average price per room.

To underpin this growth, the company plans to make an investment of close to 25 million euros over the next few years to reposition assets, adapt them to the habits and needs of a new type of customer, without neglecting the sustainability and efficiency of its establishments

At this point Villanueva insisted that sustainability is one of the fundamental pillars that will determine the actions of the chain in the coming years.

Regarding the possibility of entering segments of holiday apartments as other hotel chains have done, Hotel Silken ensures that even at the regulatory level there are different regulations and regulations that still generate uncertainties when it comes to investing.

«However, as we are integral managers, if the opportunity arises to manage an establishment of tourist apartments we are open to do so, as long as it meets the characteristics of our brand in terms of design, location, style,» said the manager.

The Silken Hotels management insists that it is not a patrimonial company. «We want to continue doing things well and continue to have the support and trust of the different properties that we manage, from large investment funds to families or those establishments that we have on a rental basis, with the ultimate goal of satisfying our clients «, explained the manager.


The hotel group has developed a loyalty program that allows a more personalized treatment to its customers by developing an incentive program with which each segment can receive greater value.

In addition, the company is immersed in a technological revolution that allows it to integrate into its business processes and, above all, in the knowledge and personalization of customer service and the new consumption habits of the latter.

Some of the newest functions have to do with online check-in, automated segmentation of the customer profile linked to customer loyalty, or the linking of the client’s technological devices to their own profile to have a network connection wireless of all chain establishments automatically.

«In short, the objective is to facilitate the interaction of the client with the hotel and, above all, to know and personalize the treatment towards them from the hotel or the chain,» explains the general director of the chain that insists on the company’s commitment for innovating products, management methods and customer service models.

Looking ahead, the chain is committed to achieving product differentiation, while establishing an effective distribution strategy that it considers «vital», since it understands that the correct combination of these channels can favor growth in a decisive way.

«All this without forgetting to focus on customer satisfaction by offering the best experience, taking into account what your expectations are and trying to go further,» Villanueva concluded