SHARE NOW starts operating in Budapest with its flexible carsharing services

● SHARE NOW services will be available in Budapest from April 29, with a fleet of 240 BMW and MINI vehicles

● The Hungarian capital is the 31st city in the world where SHARE NOW operates

● Budapest is the fourth city to operate following a franchise model, with the Wallis Group as a local partner

SHARE NOW, the leading company in flexible carsharing, announced today that it will start operating in the Hungarian market, offering its shared mobility services in Budapest. From 29 April, the SHARE NOW fleet, consisting of 240 BMW and MINI shared vehicles, will be available to citizens of the Hungarian capital, who can rent them flexibly. The carsharing service will operate for the fourth time with a franchise model in collaboration with the Hungarian investment group Wallis Asset Management Zrt.

«We are delighted to be able to expand our services to a new city just two months after the merger of the two main carsharing services, car2go and DriveNow, after which SHARE NOW was created,» explains Olivier Reppert, CEO of SHARE NOW. «Budapest is our first city within the interesting CEE region, it is a modern city that is growing rapidly and, as such, has a great demand and a great potential for flexible and sustainable mobility, we are convinced that our The carsharing offer is the perfect complement to the development of urban mobility in the Hungarian capital. »

The SHARE NOW fleet in Budapest will consist of eight different models of BMW and MINI, including BMW i3 electric vehicles, which will cover different needs of use and provide customers with a new option of flexible and ecological mobility. Together with public transport and other modes of transport, flexible carsharing helps cities to significantly improve mobility-related problems, such as emissions, traffic crowds or difficulty finding parking. Many studies show that a carsharing vehicle replaces up to eight private vehicles on the street. In addition, electric vehicles increase the positive effects of carsharing on sustainability: in Budapest, SHARE NOW will make available to its customers a total of 40 BMW i3, offering a completely electric alternative from the start.

The carsharing offer in Budapest will be managed by Wallis Asset Management Zrt, member of the Wallis Group. After Copenhagen, Helsinki and Lisbon, where DriveNow had already been operating with a franchise model, Budapest will become the fourth city to use this model. SHARE NOW CEO Olivier Reppert added: «The Hungarian investment group Wallis has extensive experience in the mobility market, collaborating with franchise partners allows us to offer our services more quickly in new markets and work with local experts from the beginning».

With the start of its operations in Budapest, SHARE NOW continues to expand its leadership in the flexible carsharing market. Budapest customers will join a community that already has more than 4 million members in 14 countries.