Selenta Group is allied with Hyatt Hotels Corporation in its commitment to the internationalization of the Sofia hotel

Selenta Group and Hyatt have announced a collaboration agreement for the joint marketing of the Sofia hotel in Barcelona, which will add the US company to its current distribution network starting next January and will become the first establishment in the Catalan capital in be part of ‘The Unbound Collecton by Hyatt’.

The contract has a duration of 15 years and seek to strengthen the penetration of the hotel in the international market and attract new customers globally, with a special photo in the United States.

This agreement will allow the hotel to connect with Hyatt Hotels Corporation’s distribution network, including its commercial network, call center service and loyalty program.

For its part, Selenta Group will maintain the ownership of the hotel and full control of the management, in addition to the hotel will maintain its name and concept, as well as all its gastronomic and wellness spaces.